Thesis Capstone: Go Ahead, Do My Job

As amazing as artificial intelligence machines, tools, and programs are, AI is not as mystic as we make it out to be. We, as designers, thinkers, and creatives need to know that robots are not replacing designers, but for the sake of this experiment, I will allow the AI replace my role and duties as a designer. I will allow AI tools and programs to run the activities of my creative work and my everyday life.

We accept magic artifacts as they are and we accept their magical doing without thinking of the consequences or perhaps repercussion such as Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc. We fear it. We are excited by it. We don’t understand it. There are the elite few who do. However,

AI is not limited to engineers or programmers. If we are to accept its functions and its role in our world, we need to understand the technology with a critical yet playful mind. We, as designers, thinkers, and creatives, need be confident that robots are not replacing designers if we work with them.

What happens when we take away the “magic” component of “AI” tools?
What constitutes as “magic” in AI?
What behaviors come from this?
What are the results that connect us as human and machine?


Tina Phan